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September 5th marks International Day of Charity, which means it's time to give generously. Here are 3 innovative way...
05 Sep 2017
Latest news Welcome to the TPO blog. Here you’ll find the latest news on our partners, our deals and all the good bits in between.
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National Walking Month can only mean one thing: we need to get outside! Here are 6 great reasons...
03 May 2017
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We all have that one phone that’s sitting in a draw somewhere, perfectly usable, but sadly forgot...
28 Jun 2016
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Here at TPO we are always on the look out for projects that utilise existing technologies and mea...
18 Mar 2013
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Here at The People’s Operator, we believe that good business and supporting good causes can work...
14 Mar 2013
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Imagine a service that translates real time navigational information into braille for blind and v...
13 Mar 2013
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It’s International Women’s Day (or #IWD to keen hashtaggers) the global celebration of all things...
08 Mar 2013
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Sometimes the best design is all about re-imagining everyday objects to save real problems. That’...
20 Feb 2013
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So, your phone's already loaded with TPO goodness, doing your bit to support great causes, big an...
30 Jan 2013
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Meet Terry. He volunteers his time at Tower Hamlets Park and is a keen wild food connoisseur. He...
24 Jan 2013
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