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10 #hashtags TPO Members Love

23 Aug 2017

The hashtag turns 10—hooray!

On August 23 in 2007, the hashtag was born. Wow—that’s 10 years! Since then, hashtags have been a force for political change, a call for support, and a way to engage in a public conversation. It started in Twitter, but soon came to be used in Instagram and Facebook, and you can now find hashtags just about anywhere on the internet. You can even find them in real life, in shops, on the streets, or even at protests. Hashtags have just about taken over the world!
They’ve become so popular that ‘Hashtag’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014. Its definition: A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic.
To celebrate the beloved hashtag’s 10th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of hashtags TPO members love to use. These hashtags define our mission and our values, and we think they all deserve a mention and a share. Enjoy!


1. #DoGood

Doing good is deeply embedded in the DNA of every TPO customer. It’s about using whatever tools we possess to spread goodness in the world, whenever and wherever we can. That’s why TPO lets you give to causes while using your mobile phone, for free. The hashtag is also an indicator for the charitable do good movement.

2. #Change

The whole reason for any philanthropy is real change. Doing good takes time, but the results are always worth it. Change is the reason most of us get up in the morning, and we won’t stop until we see the perfect world we’ve envisioned!

3. #GiveBack

Giving back is the core tenet of TPO’s philosophy. It feels good, and it lets others feel good too. We want to prove that giving back doesn’t have to occur at the expense of something else, by giving you a top mobile service to boot.

4. #Green

TPO customers love caring for the environment. They’ll even make their gardens hedgehog-friendly, simply because it allows one of Britain’s favourite animals to live in peace. With global temperatures on the rise, it’s refreshing to see normal people care for our world in small ways. That’s why Green is such an important movement. It’s also the colour of our logo…sort of!

5. #Volunteer

Use this hashtag to find and promote volunteer jobs & opportunities, or simply to encourage selfless work. We hope you’re all helping where you can, whether it’s at your food bank, pet shelter, or even your office. The world deserves it!

6. #Cause

A cause is an initiative that aims to fix a social or economic problem. They usually take the forms of charities and non-profit organizations both big and small. TPO lets you give 10% of your spend to any cause you like, at no cost to you. It means every customer can choose to empower something they care about, just by using their phones. Hooray!

7. #CharityTuesday

Sure—every day of the week can be devoted to doing good, but Tuesday is a particularly special one, because you can use this hashtag to inform your followers of any non-profits you think deserve people’s attention. Lovely!

8. #Changemakers

Changemakers are the people we all strive to be. They work tirelessly to make education accessible to everyone, healthcare afforded by all, and gender inequality a thing of the past. We take our hats off to you, and we’ll work with you to make this world a better place for everyone—not just a few.

9. #ReasonsToSwitch

If you’re looking for reasons to switch mobile providers, look no further than this trusty hashtag. Filled with poor defectors who’ve taken the pains to share with us their ‘bad mobile service’ stories, #ReasonsToSwitch will make you want to switch to TPO Mobile in a heartbeat. You’re welcome!

10. #GoodnessIsComing

This one’s for all the goodness still to come. It’s about the result of all the hard work we put in every day. It’s for the cumulative effect of everything we give—the 10% of our bills which goes to the good causes we’ve chosen. Here’s to the fruits of our labours AND our giving. Goodness is coming!

If you're ready to do good, spread good, and feel good about it too, why not order a free TPO SIM and switch to the network with a difference? Get on board and support a cause for free
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