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International Day of Charity: 3 ways to give like you mean it

05 Sep 2017

Innovative giving ideas for International Day of Charity

September 5th marks one of TPO’s favourite days. International Day of Charity is all about bringing awareness to the one act that is guaranteed to make anyone feel good: giving. To mark this momentous day, we’ve come up with three innovative ways to raise money for you favourite cause. Whether it’s animal rights, gender equality, education, or even hedgehog awareness, these cool methods of giving could help you save lives in ways you didn’t even imagine. Let’s give it a go!
Make sure you check your cause in Guidestar, CharityNavigator, and before you donate!


1. Give while you shop

If you’re as addicted to online shopping as we are, you’ll probably want to alleviate some of that post-spree guilt. Did you know that every time you make an online purchase? Try Thegivingmachine or Giveasyoulive before you buy something online, and see if you can donate a portion of your purchase to a cause you care about. There are thousands of retailers to choose from on these websites, and many retailers even have their own initiatives for giving to charity while you shop, so make sure you keep an eye out for these!

2. Give while you run

We may be approaching the last days of summer, but there’s still time to run, and you can raise money while you do it! Try gofundme or even runforcharity—both allow you to collect funds for your run. This means you can help save lives, simply by putting one foot in front of the other. Tell all your friends and family, raise awareness for your cause, and collect a nice big donation pot at the end of it. Go on—a bit of sweat goes a long way!

3. Give with your mobile phone

Did you see this one coming? Just so you know, a TPO Mobile SIM-only plan lets you give 10% of your monthly spend to any charity or cause you like—completely free. What says “I care” more than a contribution with every call you make? Every text? Every snapchat selfie? Just order a free SIM, pick a plan that suits you, and choose a cause to support with your bill. You don’t have to do anything else to spread goodness with your phone!

Have we missed any great ways to give to good causes? Why not get in touch with us at @TPOuk or on Facebook?