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Bring your friends to The People’s Operator and earn free cash or credit!

28 Sep 2017

Earn £5 credit or cash – plus your friend gets £5 free credit


Rewards for you and your friends

We reward you for something as easy as spreading the word about TPO! Our refer a friend program lets you bring more people to the network with ease, and pick a 30-day SIM-Only plan or top-up or buy a bundle for £10 or more on Pay As You Go. That’s all it takes to rack up the rewards.

Growing the network of goodness

Not only do we offer some of the best value 4G SIM-Only plans in the UK, we also give 10% of your spend to any cause or charity you like—for free. Every customer gets to choose a charity or cause to give part of their spend to, and it doesn’t cost anything extra. The best part of all this is we reward you for bringing friends to our network. It’s simple: if you spread the goodness, so will we!


How does it work?

It’s simple. If you joined TPO after December 2015, you just share your unique link that you can find under ‘MY TPO’. Every time a friend uses your link to order a TPO SIM card and signs up to our network, you earn £5 free TPO credit or cash. What’s more, your friend will also get £5 credit plus a good value plan for using your link—it’s a win-win!
If you joined TPO as a Pay Monthly user BEFORE December 2015, check out this link for more information.


Why refer friends?

Instead of spending millions on advertising, we rely on customers to spread the love through word of mouth. That’s what lets us give to the causes you love on your behalf. The more people supporting great causes together, the bigger the check for the charity at the end of the day.
Switch, save and support with TPO Mobile. Then get referring and earn those rewards!