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Charitable giving in the UK: A study

10 Apr 2018
We’re interested in people’s giving habits, which is why we recently carried out a survey in the UK to get an understanding of where the nation’s giving is at.
The results showed a few things:
​- The recent bad press that some charities have received has resulted in trust being a factor in people’s charitable giving.

- Despite some regional differences, the UK is an incredibly charitable country, donating nearly £73 per person.  Even more so when you consider that 50% felt they could do more.

- Adult illness (such as cancer) and animal welfare charities are the ones most people give to, which means that grassroots charities are having a harder time to get the attention of potential donors.

- People tend to give to causes that personally affect them, with 62% stating that they choose the causes they support based on that.

- We found that almost one in four people have asked for donations to their chosen charity rather than wedding, birthday or Christmas gifts. In fact, only recently Prince Harry and Meghan Markle asked for donations to charity instead of wedding gifts.
We’re thrilled to be part of this giving ‘ecosystem’, supporting charities and causes of all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at the findings below:

Charitable Giving Study