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The People’s Operator – The Start of the Journey

12 Nov 2012

Eight months ago two friends approached me with an idea they had been working on. It was a simple idea; they wanted to make people’s lives a little bit better by setting up a business that worked in a different way.

They wanted to take something that people use every day and make it matter so much more. The idea was The People’s Operator - Mobile that matters.

I was hooked immediately, we started building a business case and talking to good causes that were interested in helping people – from big organisations to grass roots social enterprises and community groups.

We are not asking our members for anything, just to text, chat or surf as normal.  We do the rest, 25% of our profits go to good causes via the TPO Foundation. On top of that, our members can direct us to give 10% of their monthly spend direct to their chosen cause. At absolutely NO EXTRA COST to them. (For more on how that works, see our About page).

I know what you’re thinking; what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. Our tariffs are very competitive; we’re developing bundles for families and allowing our members to call and text each other for free.

The People’s Operator was started by a team of people who wanted to use everything they had learned at work to make a real difference in a completely new business model. We have brought in top talent from across multiple disciplines to build a great team. We hope TPO will make a huge difference to causes across the country and empower people and organisations make their mobiles matter.

Alex Franks
CEO – The People’s Operator


Visit TPO for more information about the mobile network that gives back.