The Benefits of Refurbished Tech over Buying New

If you are a business owner, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time evaluating your costs and trying to pin down where you can save some money. If you’re anything like us, you’ll also have considered how you can minimise your environmental footprint. Using refurbished technology is a great alternative to buying new, and presents a cost-effective and sustainable solution for many businesses.

Here at The People’s Operator, we specialise in sourcing the highest quality refurbished technology, and distribute our products to individuals and businesses UK-wide. We have a very thorough quality-check process, and specialise in refurbished Apple and Samsung devices and other smartphones, refurbished iPads, refurbished laptops, and other refurbished tech. You get the picture.

But why are we so passionate about encouraging businesses to invest in refurbished technology over buying brand new? We’re glad you asked!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider refurbished tech:

Significant Cost Savings

Refurbished devices are always more affordable than their brand-new counterparts, yet they still function like new.

Devices can be purchased in ‘new’ or ‘like new’ condition to cater to your budget, which allows business owners to allocate money elsewhere on other aspects of their business.

Reducing expenditure while doing good for the planet – what’s not to love about that?

Environmentally Friendly

Research has shown that most carbon emissions generated by a single device can be traced back to the production process alone – approximately 80% in the case of the iPhone 13 as referenced in the iPhone 13 Product Environmental Report.

When businesses choose refurbished devices over new, they are actively making the most of the resources already used in its initial production, while also reducing the amount of e-waste that would have ended up in landfill.

As the UK works towards a net zero greenhouse gas emission economy, refurbished technology gives businesses a sustainable and affordable opportunity to contribute towards a greener future.

Powerful Performance 

In comparison to devices in a similar price bracket, refurbished tech usually boasts more up-to-date features and better specs.

After a thorough examination by our experts, most of our refurbished devices have the same lifespan as brand-new versions and are just as reliable, at a far lower price.

Improve Corporate Social Responsibility 

If a business has a CSR strategy in place, using refurbished technology is a fantastic way to bolster it. The organisation would be increasing sustainability, reducing e-waste, and improving environmental stewardship.

If you’re interested in making the sustainable switch from new to refurbished, contact us today to take the first step.

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