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We're teaming up with charities and good causes across the UK to equip them with an innovative new fundraising opportunity. Our customers can nominate any cause to receive 10% of their bill, at no cost to themselves. It’s an easy way for them to donate and, of course, that cause could be yours. Find out how you can become a 10% Partner Cause


Would your supporters like to help your cause by using The People's Operator? Join other great organisations like NSPCC and The Big Issue Foundation by becoming a partner.

As a TPO Partner, your supporters can choose to direct 10% of their mobile bill straight to your cause every month. We'll work together to promote the partnership and create a new way for your followers to give, at no cost to them. We can provide the tools you need to get your supporters using their mobiles to power your work.

To find out more and get started, email us at




I saved money with TPO and I’m on the way to organising better, campaigning more effectively and unifying my team on a service that puts 10% back in to the Union.

Nina Petri, Wandsworth Branch Secretary, GMB



Our entire philosophy is to encourage people who are homeless to regain control of their lives and destinies. Giving Big Issue Vendors the means to communicate safely and cheaply through their mobile phones is a vital step towards this goal.

Stephen Robertson, Chief Executive, The Big Issue Foundation



Emerge Poverty Free believes in a world where every person has the ability to reach their potential poverty free. By using TPO you are making a difference to some of the poorest people across the world.

Jeremy Horner, Chief Executive, Emerge Poverty Free



TPO funding will help Trussell Trust to support the network of foodbanks which help meet people’s needs in short term crisis.

Mark Ward, Head of Fundraising, Trussell Trust


TPO can help you develop our partnership into a great new source of fundraising for your cause. We can offer advice and support on a number of different approaches. These include:


    • Email marketing

• Texing your supporters
• Phone banking
• Web design
• Social media campaigning
• Print campaigns
• Events

And because TPO has some of the best mobile deals in the UK, you’ll have everything you need to turn your supporters’ mobiles into a brand new source of fundraising for your organisation.


It’s not only supporters who can benefit from our amazing deals. If you are looking for a new mobile provider and a better alternative, why not drop us a line? We have a range of amazing deals tailored for charities and good causes to meet your needs and save your organisation money. Just get in touch with the details below!


To make a partnership enquiry, please contact us by email at or fill in our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to help!


We've built a business that aims to make a massive difference. That's why we're committed to sharing a quarter of our profits through the TPO Foundation.

The TPO Foundation is a transparent and independent legal entity run by trustees and chaired by Juliet Rosenfeld. It's been set up to award funds to organisations, local communities and charities that are trying to make a positive difference to people’s lives.


Enrolling in the TPO Foundation

You can apply to become part of the 25% fund by enrolling in the TPO Foundation. If you are interested in putting your cause forward, please contact us at