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If you change your mind about the device you bought, you’ve got 14 days - starting on the day following its receipt - to contact our customer support and let us know that you wish to return it.

Our customer support representative will then provide you with the instructions to return your device and claim a full refund.
You will need to return the phone within 14 days of receiving these instructions.

Please note that you are responsible for the safe delivery of the phone to our return centre, and we advise you to insure the parcel. In the event of the phone being returned damaged, or incomplete, we will reduce the amount of any refund to account for the cost of returning it to its original condition.



If the device you purchased develops a fault within 30 days of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement phone of the same make and model. Please note that we reserve the right to offer a refund if we are not reasonably able to provide you with a replacement.

If the device you purchased develops a fault after 30 days of receiving it, we may repair or replace your phone with another of the same make and model after we have confirmed the fault.

If your device develops a fault, please contact our customer support who will troubleshoot the fault with you and assess if the device needs to be returned. If the device does need to be return, our customer support will provide you with a way to send it back to us free-of-charge, and discuss with you the different repair and / or replacement options available.

You must return the phone within 14 days of receiving these instructions and the corresponding postage label.
Please note that this policy does not cover damages which are caused by the user.



When you return your phone to us, you need to send the following:

- The phone, with its original box; including the battery;
- All accessories and documents which were included in the original box; and
- Please ensure you remove your SIM card and ensure your personal details (contacts, photos, etc) are backed up.

Please also disable any personal security code (PIN, passcode lock) and any tracking / blocking software or services ahead of sending the phone back as we won't be able to accept the return of a locked device.

You are responsible for the packing of the phone, as well as for its safe delivery to our return centre. TPO Mobile cannot be accountable for a parcel lost or damaged in transit on its way to the return centre.



We will initiate any applicable refund within 14 days of receiving your phone, on the same payment method you used for the original purchase only. Please allow for 3 to 5 working days for the funds to reach your bank account. The amount of the refund may be reduced if the parcel is incomplete (e.g. missing box, manuals, battery etc…) or if the phone is damaged.