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Cause Partners

When you switch to The People’s Operator, you’re helping the cause of your choice for free
by directing 10% of your mobile spend to them.

On our Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go sign-up pages you can search our online database of UK Charities to nominate the cause you want to support with your 10%. If your cause is not yet on our database, please contact us directly.

We know it’s hard to choose. To help you out we’ve listed just a few of the causes you can direct your 10% to below:








Childhope works to transform children's lives in Africa, Asia and South America. Working with local partners, communities and children themselves, they strive towards a world where children can fulfil their potential.

Partner code: CHILDHOPE | Support ChildHope >



Jessi's fund


Jessie's Fund

Jessie's Fund know that music works and are working to spread therapeutic music to seriously ill and disabled children across the UK. They are seeking to help all children with complex needs to lead active musical lives.

Partner code: ESSIESFUND | Support Jessie's Fund >





Milton Keynes Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling Service is a charity that provides free and confidential counselling for young people aged 11-21 who live, learn or work in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Partner code: MKYIS | Support YiS - Youth Counselling Service >



Pals Society


PALS Society

PALS Society believes in a world where differences in learning styles are accepted and accommodated. Their mission is to break down barriers to employment for people with learning difficulties.

Partner code: PALSSOCIETY | Support PALS Society >



Against Breast Cancer


Against Breast Cancer

Against Breast Cancer funds groundbreaking research into breast cancer at the University of Westminster. They are striving for improved detection, better survival rates and ultimately to find a vaccine for the disease.

Partner code: ABC | Support Against Breast Cancer >



Children's Heart Federation


Children's Heart Federation

Children's Heart Federation works to support children and young people with congenital and acquired heart conditions and their families. They aim to meet their needs so that they can live life to the full.

Partner code: CHFED | Support Children's Heart Federation >



Cracking Good Food


Cracking Good Food

Cracking Good Food is teaching communities in the North West how to cook from scratch, using seasonal produce and in a sustainable manner. They also work with vulnerable and disadvantaged community groups.

Partner code: CGF | Support Cracking Good Food >



Dimbleby Cancer Care


Dimbleby Cancer Care

Dimbleby Cancer Care provides vital services to people living with cancer, their families and carers at the Dimbleby Cancer Care and Information and Support Services in Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals.

Partner code: DCC | Support Dimbleby Cancer Care >



Hope Support Services


Hope Support Services

Hope supports young people when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Our preventative support is available from the moment of diagnosis, for as long as it is needed regardless of the outcome for the patient.

Partner code: HOPE | Support Hope Support Services >



Trinity Hospice


Trinity Hospice

Trinity Hospice is working to provide compassionate end of life care in London. They seek to help their patients, their families and carers regain the confidence they need to live every moment.

Partner code: TRINITY | Support Trinity Hospice >



ABF The Soldiers Charity


ABF The Soldiers' Charity

ABF The Soldiers' Charity offers lifetime support to soldiers and their families. Offering financial assistance regardless of whether a soldier has left the Army, they are providing hope during even the toughest times.

Partner code: ABFSOLDIERS | Support ABF The Soldiers' Charity >



Emerge Poverty Free


Emerge Poverty Free

Emerge Poverty Free is fighting poverty and creating sustainable global change by providing knowledge, tools and other resources to the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Partner code: EMERGE | Support Emerge Poverty Free >



Impact Foundation


Impact Foundation

IMPACT's vision is of a world free from needless disability. They believe that no one should become or remain needlessly disabled. The IMPACT programme prevents and treats needless disability.

Partner code: IMPACT | Support Impact Foundation >



International Alert


International Alert

International Alert helps people find peaceful solutions to conflict. They work with local people around the world to help them build peace, and they advise governments, organisations and companies on how to support peace.

Partner code: INTALERT | Support International Alert >



Karma Nirvana


Karma Nirvana

Karma Nirvana supports victims of forced marriage & honour based abuse. They also work to ensure that the unacceptable fact of forced marriage can be tackled confidently by professional, cultural & social institutions.

Partner code: KARMA | Support Karma Nirvana >



Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre


Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre

Mosaic LGBT supports, educates and inspires young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) persons age 13-19 so they can develop sense of identity, community & pride.

Partner code: MOSAIC | Support Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre >



The Big Issue Foundation


The Big Issue Foundation

The Big Issue Foundation is a financially independent charity. We believe in a ‘hand up and not a hand out’ and recognise that earning an income is a key step in a person’s journey towards stability and a better life.

Partner code: TBIF | Support The Big Issue Foundation >




The Hive Food Bank

The Hive was set up to provide temporary relief in the form of food parcels to individuals or families experiencing crisis situations.

Partner code: HIVEFOODBANK | Support The Hive Food Bank >



Baguley FC


Baguley Athletic FC

Baguley Athletic FC is an amateur football club based in Wythenshawe. Their focus is on building a competitive club for youths and adults which enriches the local community.

Partner code: BAFC | Support Baguley Athletic FC >



Caps Animal's Protection


Captive Animals' Protection

CAPS believes in a world without cages. Since 1957, they have been working to encourage a more compassionate relationship between humans and other animals through a mixture of investigation, education and research.

Partner code: CAPS | Support Captive Animal's Protection >



World Ape Fund


World Ape Fund

World Ape Fund are passionate about wildlife conservation and are dedicated to helping and protecting our planet's great apes. They do this through research, education and funding sanctuaries.

Partner code: APES | Support World Ape Fund >



Creative Islington


Creative Islington

Creative Islington works to harness and promote the energy of the creative sector through building meaningful networks that enable the borough's organisations and individuals to fulfil their creative potential.

Partner code: CREATE | Support Creative Islington >





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