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Full List of Pay As You Go Charges

Rates that apply from Apr 15th 2016. See previous rates here

Standard UK Charges

*Calls are charged per minute

*All our Pay As You Go customers are currently being charged the discount rates.

*Fair use limit applies to TPO to TPO UK Calls of 100 mins per month and TPO to TPO UK texts of 250 SMS per month, subject to minimum £10 top-up per month. Full Terms.


Special Numbers

From 1st July, charges for calls to non-geographic and premium numbers starting with 084, 087, 09 and 118 (usually to call banks, travel services, government departments, to vote in a competition or to ring directory enquiries) will be divided into two parts:

1. Access Charge - This is charged by your mobile company. With TPO we've set this at a rate of just 5p per minute

2. Service Charge (SC) - This will be set by the company you are calling.

This will be stated anywhere the number is advertised. The following numbers and services are not included in your Pay As You Go bundle. Calling them at any time will incur the following charges. 



International Rates

New rates that apply from 1st July 2015.

See the tables below for full details on TPO rates for calling and texting international numbers from the UK. Also see our Roaming rates.

*Minimum call charge 1 minute followed by per second billing

Roaming Rates (from 1st July 2015)

Roaming services for MMS are not currently available.
Click here for a list Countries by Zone.

* For making calls in zones 1 there is a 30 second minumum charge, followed by per second billing.
For zones 2 to 6 there is a 1 minute minimum call charge, and per second billing thereafter.

** Calls received in zones 1 are charged per second from the start.
For calls received in zones 2 to 6 there is a 1 minute minimum call charge, and per second billing thereafter.
Click here for a list of Countries by Zone.

***Roaming data is charged per kilobyte.
For a list of Countries by Zone, see the next sheet below.
Roaming services for MMS are currently not available.

Countries By Zone