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These brave causes are fighting hunger in the UK — Here's how you can help

16 Oct 2017

5 causes supporting hunger relief on World Food Day 2017

World hunger is no joke. In 2010, around 7.6 million children died from poor nutrition. That’s 20,000 a day. Though many of these deaths occur in developing countries, we’ve got our own food problem at homeright here in the UK. Last year, the number of food parcels handed out by the UK’s predominant food bank group went up by 10,000. More people in the country are using food banks than ever before, and the statistics do not look promising. In a world where we can share photos of ourselves to anyone in the world within seconds, where we can find out what’s happening in anywhere on our planet and beyond—people are going hungry, and are struggling to feed their kids.

Saying that, there are some amazing British causes doing their bit to help end hunger. They’re redistributing unwanted food, setting up food banks, and planting edible crops to harvest. Here are 5 such heroic causes you can support.


1. The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is Britain’s most established food bank. They operate over 400 branches, providing support for the 13 million people living below the poverty line in the UK.


2. FareShare

“No good food should go to waste,” insist FareShare, the food redistribution charity which distributed 13,552 tonnes of food to over 1,300 towns and cities in the UK in 2017 alone.


3. Food Cycle

Food Cycle have cooked 208,000 for Britain’s hungry since 2009. That’s nearly a thousand a week! Best of all, they’re hiring, so you can help too.


4. City Harvest

This heroic charity has rescued over 500 tonnes of unwanted food and has sent it to a bunch of organisations for redistribution. The numbers make one thing clear: City Harvest are seriously dedicated to beating hunger.


5. The Felix Project

The Felix Project is another great cause that brings unwanted food to those who do want it. With 540,000 tonnes of edible food thrown away every year, we couldn’t appreciate their efforts more.


Support hunger eliminating causes with TPO Mobile

Lack of food may be an issue for thousands of people around the world, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Last year, the British public donated more than 11,000 tonnes of food to local food banks, and 40,000 people volunteered with the Trussell Trust alone. Ready to help for World Food Day? Here’s how you can do your bit.
With TPO Mobile, you can pledge 10% of your monthly spend to any cause you like, including food charities, and it doesn’t cost you an extra cent. It means you can go on using your mobile phone just like before, only you’ll be helping the fight against hunger at the same time. Every text you send, every link you click, every selfie you take will contribute to greater good.
So what are you waiting for? Switch, save and support for World Food Day! Order a SIM card deal and start doing good with your mobile phone. Let’s make hunger a thing of the past!